and iBikeNoviSad offer easy-going, fun, cheap and interesting guided bicycle tours through Belgrade and Novi Sad. If you want to discover Belgrade, the best way to do it is by bike.

All iBike-guides are young, cool and nice people who know everything about their city but who will not bore you with facts and history. The tours will give you an insight in the (recent) history of the city and will also tell about how people live there now. You will get the best tips on things to do and where to go at night, where the best restaurant in Belgrade is or where the most beautiful spot in Novi Sad is.

The tours are cheap and easy and everybody can join. You will bike in a slow tempo and have stops every 5 or 10 minutes. Also, a longer break and a drink are included on all tours. So don’t worry about being in bad shape: There’s no excuse not to join!

Unless you don’t want to enjoy a nice ride down the Danube or Sava river and hear the real stories about the time of Socialist Yugoslavia, see the most impressive buildings from that era and find out about the favorite hobby of Marshall Jozip Broz Tito.

Or maybe you want to hear more about the fall of Milosevic or what really happened during the NATO-bombings in 1999? Anyway, you don’t want to miss this bicycle tour.

You can find out more about the only bike-tours in Belgrade and Novi Sad by clicking on the logo’s on this page.