Looking for bike rental Belgrade? Look no further! Discover the sights of Belgrade on your own on two wheels! 

No waiting around for buses or getting stuck in traffic on the backseat of a taxi! Ride around Belgrade on one of our comfortable city bikes! This is the best bike rental Belgrade!

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How to rent an iBikeBelgrade bike:

  • Come to our shop at Brace Krsmanovic 5 (open between 09.30 and 19.00 every day from April untill end October)
  • Let our staff help you pick a comfortable city-bike or a fast trekking bike for longer rides
  • Leave a valid ID as deposit (or 250 Euro)

Helmets and locks are included!

City Bike
8per day
Trekking Bike
15per day
25per day

Additional gear is available

Bags / Pannier
2per day
Child Seat
4per day
Bike Trailer
10per day


  • Bikes can be rented either 8€/per day or 2€/per hour
  • You can return the bike before 19.00 or the next day before 10.00
  • If you rent 7 days, you only pay for 6 days
  • Payments can only be done in cash (but there is an atm machine around the corner)
  • You are responsible for the bike you rent
  • If you keep the bike overnight, always store it safely inside, and lock it
  • If you park your bike, even for 1 minute, lock it
  • If your bike is stolen, you have to pay 300 Euro (eBike = 2500 Euro)
  • If you bring back the bike damaged, you have to pay for the repair
  • Our bikes have good tires, but if you get a flat it is at your own risk, and at your own cost
  • Our bikes are only suited for carrying maximum one person
  • Baby seats can be rented for 4 Euro p/day (please reserve through mail or phone)
  • Bike trailer can be rented for 10 Euro p/day (please reserve through mail or phone)
  • As in any big city there are always some bad drivers: mind your safety, you are responsible for it!
  • iBikeBelgrade is in no way responsible for your safety or any accident that may happen to the renter or the bike, and carries no liability whatsoever.