Book a tour with your group and get your own guides!

Customize your tour and opt in for a delicious lunch along the way!

We can provide the following services on a Group Tour in Belgrade:

  • Tours in your language
  • A nice lunch half-way the tour
  • Tours for groups up to 150 people

We offer special additional services for Group tours in Belgrade:

  • A nightlife program
  • A bus tour or walking tour
  • Tours outside Belgrade
  • transport for your group
  • A visit to Novi Sad
  • A professional team building program

24 Euro pp, plus 24 Euro for the group

Groups are 10 people or more

(e.g. when 14 people join, the price is (14 x 24) + 24 = 360 Euro)

Contact us to find out more about the possibilities through the contact form on this page, by sending an e-mail to or by calling +381 (0)66 9008386

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