Starting in the massive wetlands of Podunavlje nature reserve, that stretches over the border between Croatia and Serbia, we take you all the way to the Romanian border in 11 unforgettable days. We do follow the course of the river, but added a detour here and there to guide you through charming Vojvodinian villages, the old river dunes of Deliblatksa Pescara and the wineries of Fruska Gora. This journey covers the most beautiful sections of the Danube in Serbia and Croatia.

We made maximum effort to avoid the busy sections by smart use of a van and a small river cruiseship! This way we optimized the joy of cycling along the shores of the magnificent Danube.

The Danube is much more then just a pretty river. It has been connecting cultures or bordering empires for centuries. It has provided towns and cities along its shores with wealth and fortune, but did take a toll. It has been a source of inspiration for artists and traders alike. Embark upon this wonderful journey with us!

The full tour is 11 days and around 425 km in total.

Practical information

  • 11-day journey, 425 km of cycling in 6,5 days, lots of time to enjoy the cultural heritage along the way.
  • Full day river cruise through the Iron Gate included.
  • Luggage transfers included.
  • Fixed weekly departure dates on Saturday (due to Cruise schedule).
  • Minimum 2 participants per booking.
  • The historical cities of Osijek, Sombor, Vukovar, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Vrsac & Smederovo.
  • Nature reserves Podunavlje, Djerdap national park, the Iron gate & the Deliblato dunes.
  • Cycling over 95% on very quiet and scenic roads, transfers for the busy and / or boring sections.
  • Trekking bikes for rent at supplementary charge.

Extra nights at:

Hotel Waldinger / Hotel Andric
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • 55€ Single Room
  • 75€ Double Room
Hotel Aquastar
  • Half Board
  • 50€ Single Room
  • 70€ Double Room
Hotel Excelsior / Hotel Srbija
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • 45€ Single Room
  • 60€ Double Room
Bakina Kuca
  • Half Board
  • 33€ Single Room
  • 47€ Double Room


*minimum of 2 participants


  • 11 overnights in very good hotels & guesthouses
  • Luggage transfers
  • Transfers according to program from and back to Belgrade airport & everything in between
  • River cruise Belgrade – Iron Gate
  • Breakfast every morning, 1x lunch and 4x dinner
  • Belgrade guided city tour by bike
  • App-guided navigation

Not included:

  • Entrance fees
  • Drinks and other meals
  • Flights



Belgrade – Osijek 250 km (by car)

Upon arrival on Belgrade airport our friendly driver Aleksander will welcome you. Bikes (if you booked them) are already on the trailer, so without any further procedures you can continue to the start of your Danube adventure. The ride will take you over the A1 motorway into Croatia.

Osijek is your first stop; a fascinating blend of Habsburg grandeur and Balkan vibes. The hotel Waldinger **** is your classy home for tonight.


Osijek – Sombor 85 km (Optional: Podunavlje +15 km)

Leaving Osijek and you will soon be surrounded but the lush greenery of the Podunavlje wetlands. Cycling on the narrow dikes though this stunning wilderness is just amazing. You will certainly see a family of wild boar, a herd of deer or a lonely fox crossing your path.

Scan the sky sometimes and you might spot a white-tailed eagle circling above your head. Towards the end of the tour you cross into Serbia over a narrow bridge. The picture perfect town of Sombor is just a few miles away now.


Sombor – Dalj 78 km (Optional: Apatin +17 km)

Crossing into Croatia again by following the east banks of the river. In Croatia you will discover Erdut. The small town boasts an ancient fortress overlooking the Danube. The romantic setting almost makes one forget about the grim events that took place here in the recent Balkan-wars.

A bit further on nice country roads guide you through the vineyards (one of them being the proud owners of the world’s largest barrel) down to Dalj. The modest guesthouse is located right at the riverside.


Dalj – Ilok 60 km

Along the south bank of the river the journey continues to Vukovar and into the hills of Fruska Gora, the only significant elevation in the region. The slopes catch many sunny hours a year and are therefore gratefully used by local farmers to grow their grapes.

Tonight you will be hosted on the property of a wine producer in the fortified town of Ilok.


Ilok – Novi sad 48 km

After breakfast you cycle back into Serbia. The destination for this afternoon is Novi Sad. If you manage to escape more wine-tasting today, you will get there by lunchtime and have plenty of time to explore the old town and the Petrovaradin fortress.

Towards the end of the afternoon you will meet Aleksander again. He will drive you to Vrsac, a small and charming town not far from the Romanian border. The town’s best hotel is hotel Srbija: the ideal place to catch a sense of the old Yugoslavia.


Vrsac – Smederevo 88 km

Vrsac is not exactly on the river Danube. It is quite a way off actually. But what makes the place worth going for are the Deliblato sands, Europe’s largest desert. This landscape was shaped millions of years ago, when the large plain that is now the Vojvodina, was still the bottom of the Pannonian sea.

The Danube borders this national park at the south end. Towards the end of today’s stage you will cross the river again and reach the historical city of Smederevo. A short transfer gets you back to Belgrade. But the trip is not over yet!


Belgrade - Kladovo (Cruise on Danube)

An early departure is needed today. The cruise ship that will take you to and through the Iron gate will not wait. The journey gets more and more beautiful as you reach the section where the Danube widens, almost looking like a lake, before squeezing through a narrow entrance in the Carpathian mountains.

Steep cliffs rise on both sides of the river, whose waters have been tamed by the Djerdap dam. From the dam to Kladovo you will be transferred by van, and you will be hosted in the hotel Aquastar **** for the next 2 nights.


Kladovo – Kladovo 66 km

On this circular stage form Kladovo you will discover the history of this 360 degrees bend in the Danube. The island Ada Kaleh for instance, once a flourishing Ottoman city, really captures the imagination.

In the afternoon you will climb a bit to reach a series of villages on the outskirts of Djerdap NP. From here you will have some splendid views of the Danube.


Kladovo – Belgrade 250 km (by car)

A transfer back to Belgrade and time to enjoy the delights of the vibrant city. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava. But moreover it is a place where cultures have met throughout the centuries. Especially the difference between the Habsburg parts (Zemun), the Ottoman parts of Belgrade proper (center) and the Yugoslav Belgrade (Novi Beograd) are interesting to explore.

Choose from a plethora of great restaurants and simply celebrate life with the local gypsy orchestras in Skadarlija. Just enjoy Belgrade! Your Spotless hotel ****, conveniently located near the center, is your base for the last 2 nights.


Belgrade Bike Tour 20 km

During the morning you will join a guide city bike tour. Our guide will show you the different side of Belgrade. For tonight, pick a great place for your goodbye dinner.



A transfer to Belgrade airport, a big hug for the driver and then… home again. Hope to see you again in Serbia!

ibike meeting afterparty by Oleg Dobrovolsky

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