Vox Blues and Beer Bar Belgrade

Vox Blues Bar

Belgrade has a small blues scene with some very good musicians. The place were they show what they’ve got is at VOX. It is quite a ride from the center and easy to miss, so write down the address. From the street it looks like an abandoned shed, but after you open the door you’ll discover a large leafy garden. […]

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Freestyler Club Belgrade


A typical Belgrade Splav with everything that goes along with it: over-prized drinks, fake-boobs, girls with extremely high heels and short dresses, big guys in tight shirts and go-go dancers on the stage dancing to too loud music. You need to book a table in advance and it is not appreciated if you leave the table while […]

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Little Bay, restaurant, bar

Little Bay

Is this a restaurant in a opera house, or an opera house in a restaurant? Whatever it is, the classic food they serve is fantastic and the opera singer and pianist complete the decor which resembles an 19th century opera house. In the summer the terrace underneath the trees is very comfortable as well. Good [...] Read More
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