Shlep, nightlife, splav, club, river


One of the more 'normal' splavs (=floating clubs) in Belgrade, in the positive meaning of the word. No need to dress up or reserve a table a week ahead. If you're looking for a good time and some dancing & flirting, Shlep is the place! On the river, but at walking distance from the city center. Read More
Povetarac, nightlife, night club, splav


One of the older party-boats of Belgrade, but with a young crowd. A bit more alternative than the floating clubs next to it, but therefore also more relaxed. It can get crowded, so get there before midnight if you don't want to wait in line. And prepare for a party till sunrise! Read More
Basta jazz garden Belgrade live music


A hidden garden on a place where you least expect it. Climb up (or down) the stairs near Brankov's bridge and listen if you hear some jazz sounds coming form behind a wall. Basta means garden, but also in winter it can be a nice place. It mostly seems to attract girls, so a good [...] Read More
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