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Belgrade-bird-4Biking around in Belgrade, certain patterns start to become clear. For instance the reaction people have when I’m approaching them on the bike-path. It seems that these paths are used for many things, expect for biking.

People walk on them, park their car on them or let their kids play around. The weirdest blockade untill now was two guys doing push-ups on it, blocking all traffic. For those who never been to Belgrade: it is a big city, and there’s enough space to walk, park your car, let your kids play or do push-ups.

You would expect people would at least make way for a bike when a biker is using the path for it’s original purpose. However, people tend to stare right through you and stand frozen, not moving an inch, until you miraculously managed to pass them.belgrade-Bird-3

If you think that’s strange, than you probably find my next observation even weirder. The pigeons of Belgrade have exactly the same behaviour as the people! In Holland (where I’m from) birds normally fly away when they see a biker heading their way. I thought that was natural instinct. But I have to conclude that birds are as much socialized as people in some way.

So just for you to know, if you ever hit a bird with your bike, chances are that it is a bird from Belgrade.

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