The only way to see most of Belgrade in a relaxing and fun way in a few hours is by bike.

Our tours start every day of the week  at the iBikeBelgrade shop in Karadjordjeva 11. Please book your place through the booking-form!

Please note: At the moment all  tours can only be booked as private tours!

Join our bike-tours and discover another side of Belgrade. Our young, English speaking guides will tell you the stories of the city, from its history to life nowadays. Along the way they can show you where (not) to go out, which restaurants are best and all other things you need to know to make your stay even better.

If you want to start at another time or with your own guide please book a private tour or group tour ! All tours should be booked minimum 24 hours before the start of the tour.

Riverside Tour

bike tours belgrade

A refreshing ride along the Sava and Danube rivers with a great mix of crazy architecture and green surroundings.

City Center Tour

bike tours belgrade

See all the highlights and contrasts of beautiful Belgrade from close up. You’ll have the city in your pocket!

The time of the daily tour doesn’t suit you?