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Entertainment, education and capacity building in cooperation with professional trainers


Did you know that 46% of employees routinely receive confusing or unclear directions and 36% of them experience that up to three times each day? Bad teamwork, ineffective communication and conflicts slowly but steadily ruin your company. The average employee wastes about 40 minutes of productivity each day trying to interpret unclear directions.

These are only some of the problems teams face nowadays. What could you do to save your company from becoming a living ruin?

In cooperation with the coaching & team building experts of Synergy Talents, iBikeBelgrade offers solutions for improvement of any company in the form of extraordinary team building events.

We combine coaching and entertainment, making a whole new approach to teamwork available to businesses and organizations. The complementing skills and fields of expertise of our teams create a strong synergy which provides you with high quality team building events.

The programs are customized for each client individually and include the perfect combination of entertainment and education. That means that the program provides fun, engages all participants, delivers results back to the work environment and most importantly, creates a long term impact.

The activities are appropriate for and respectful towards all participants and can last from a few hours to several days with a possibility for year round programs.

More than 30 years of business experience in coaching and entertainment with clients ranging from multinationals to embassies and local enterprises guarantees value-for-money and prove our expertise.


Increase trust within your team

Improve and increase communication

Create space for constructive conflict

Engage all team members

Uncover and use strengths/talents

Develop team spirit, synergy

Commit to common goals

Increase effectiveness of problem solving and adaptation to change


Depending on each company’s needs, the coaching part covers:

Group dynamics

Effective communication


Result oriented planning


Trust building

Developing strengths

Fun engaging activities:

Depending on age, gender, physical condition and preferences of your team, you can choose the following activities:

Bike or E-bike tours – based on a theme, a mission and / or a race

Yugo Drives – a combination of fun and excitement using our fleet of historic Yugo cars

Gastronomy Events – Cooking workshops led by top-chefs

Exclusive Dining Experience

GPS tours

Tailor made programs and activities

Hans Buster

Hans Buster

CEO of Synergy Talents and executive coach

iBikeBelgrade is a great partner when it comes to realizing fun and effective team-building activities. Organizing team building together with Synergy Talents makes the events unique in the market – fun engaging activities are chosen for each client specifically and there is always a strategic, tailor made approach to challenges a team is facing. As for the Synergy Taletns team, getting on the bikes together and joining a tour was a great way to get to know and understand each other better, have fun, as well as see Belgrade form a different perspective.

We are looking forward to building your team with you!

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