BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival): From music to dance, theater and visual arts the city is blooming during this festival which lasts more than one month.

Mikser Festival: In famous Savamala district this year’s festival will be held from 5th to 8th June. Creative industries, exhibitions, performances, workshops and concerts are all part of the program of this great festival.

Belgrade Dance Festival: In the beginning of spring this recognizable dance manifestation presents dancers and choreographers from the world scene. Enjoy ballet and contemporary dances.

Belgrade Beer Fest: Free entrance, rich music program, cheap foreign and domestic beers and whole bunch of happy people. In the middle of August.

Belgrade Jazz Festival: Cultural event with a long tradition, takes place in October and welcomes famous names of contemporary jazz scene.

FEST (International Film Festival): Every year in February, Belgrade opens its doors to film lovers and international films. Somewhat of an iconic Belgrade festival.

Belgrade Calling Festival: This year held in Kalemegdan Park with headliners: Judas Priest, TOTO and Helloween.

RAKIJA FEST: To keep us warm during winter, there is Rakija Fest in the middle of December. For a symbolic fee you can taste variety of rakijas from different regions of Serbia and leave the fest with a big smile on your face.

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