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A cruise down the Danube is a great way to see the beautiful nature and cities in Eastern Europe. It might however be a bit overwhelming too sometimes. Every day a new city, a new country. After a bus-tour to see the highlight there’s little time left to really enjoy the city, let alone to catch some of the local spirit and atmosphere.

With your interests and schedule in mind we designed our bicycle tours in Budapest and Belgrade. Our young, English speaking local guides meet you at your ship and make sure you get a comfortable bike, right for your size.

The tours are designed so we will avoid any hills and make use of the existing bicycle –infrastructure as much as possible. In this way the tours are both as comfortable and safe as possible.

Our guides love to show you their city and tell you its history and stories. Our tours avoid places you might already have seen on other tours through the city. And we take you to places only locals visit. During the relaxing break with complimentary drink you will have the chance to get to know your guides and hear their personal stories. This way, you will get a great inside into the real character of the city and its people.

Ask your concierge at the ship to book a tour for you!

10 facts about our tours

Distance:9 miles / 12 kilometer
Safety:Safe bikes and helmets provided
Drinks:One free drink included
Starting point:At your ship
Clothing:Comfortable / light
Guides:1 guide per 5 guests
Booking:Through your concierge
Price:Only € 25,-

Proud partner of Viking River Cruises and UniWorld Luxury Cruising