To use the public transport in Belgrade you need to buy a BusPlus (pronounced Boose-Ploose) card. You can get it at any street-shop and at many grocery stores.

When you enter a bus or tram you hold the card against the card reader and you checked in for the ride.

There are different cards and options. If you’re just visiting for a few days the best option for you is to buy a paper smart-card and pay 40 RSD once (around 35 Euro cents) and choose how much you will charge it with.

Depending on how much you put on the card you can choose an option on the card-reader in the bus or tram before checking in.

Check out the following prices to see what suits you best:

1 day / 24 hours 280 Dinar

3 days / 72 hours 720 Dinar

5 days / 120 hours 1100 Dinar

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