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Trekking differs from usual cycling as it’s a term used for cycling long distances, and is a multi-day affair.


Trekking is suited for everyone because it has a developed infrastructure of accommodation and food stops. Most treks are easier to organize and beginner friendly due to the fact that carrying all your gear and food isn’t necessary, which makes the experience a lot less strenuous.


Nature in Serbia is beautifully untouched, and to go on a cycling trip to wander through its wilderness – is a privilege not many experience.


If you’ve already biked your way through Belgrade and are yearning to get in touch with nature – explore these three trekking routes in Serbia.

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  1. Vojvodina region

Vojvodina lies in the North of Serbia and is known as a cyclist’s region. The area consists mainly of plains – the only steep part of the region is Fruska Gora (highest peak at 539 meters). Vojvodina is culturally diverse so the route includes several towns, cities and villages with different ethnic backgrounds but same breathtaking scenery.


Throughout your route you will make stops at wineries and ethnic restaurants, visit monasteries, a National Park and even visit Croatia!


If you’d like to learn more click here.


  1. Along the Danube in Serbia & Croatia


This route is one of the most popular trekking routes in Serbia and Croatia. It really does cover the most beautiful sections of the Danube.


At times the route foregoes the course of the river but it’s only to pursue interesting cultures of local Vojvodinian villages, explore the river dunes of Delibatska desert We do follow the course of the river, but added a detour here and there to guide you through charming Vojvodinian villages, the Deliblato Sands (only desert in Europe) and taste the fine wines of local wineries at Fruska Gora.


This journey covers the most beautiful sections of the Danube in Serbia and Croatia.


If you’d like to learn more click here.


  1. The beautiful Danube Route through the Djerdap National Park


Why are we so stuck on following the Danube?


It’s the only of larger European rivers that flows from west to east. Throughout the centuries, the Danube has been assigned a role of a mediator between neighbors, a border and the lifeline of trade.


The journey along the Danube is equivalent to visiting a museum of European history, with beautiful natural wonders and hidden layers of cultural heritage.


Some of the most beautiful parts of the Danube can be found in Eastern Serbia, on this route you get to see the Golubac Fortress and 100 km long gorge where around every turn is a dreamlike scape. After 3 days of following this river the route continues through the Djerdap National Park. The landscape is beautiful and filled with natural surprises such as springs, waterfalls and caves.


Tour delivers an experience filled with great food and nature, what more could you want?


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