Find a place at the pedestrian area of Knez Mihailova or near one of the many parks to be in the heart of the centre and still have some peace and quiet to sleep.

Please check out our recommendations to get some great accommodation at reasonable prices.

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  • Emma Banks 20/10/2015   Reply →

    I just love Belgrade and the history of this city, I’ve been there once 8-9 years ago and just loved it! and Now i’m planing to visit it again! I’m trying to find a place to rent, but I’m not sure which is the best website for that (I’ve tried so far…) Any other suggestions would be of a great help, thanks!

  • Ines Holmgren 02/10/2016   Reply →

    Hello everyone, I love Belgrade! My husband and I visiting Belgrade at least once a year. It will be nice to develop bicycle routes in Belgrade just like in Göteborg.
    Now, you can find many nice accommodation in Belgrade for short stay rentals in different parts of the city.
    This year we found great apartments in Belgrade:
    Hope this helps! Just say “ibikebelgrade”! 🙂

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